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Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Recipes

The only way to share your secret family recipe with someone you don’t know,is to share it to the world.



The last Argentine military dictatorship murdered 30.000 people. Among them, 400 mothers who give birth to their babies in captivity. Those babies were stolen and adopted by other families in secret.

In 1977, their real grandmothers organized and started searching for them.
Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, their NGO has already recovered the identity of 130. But there are many more to find.


As the years go by, fewer and fewer grandmothers are still alive.
So, before leaving, they decided to give their unfound grandchild something to keep, part of every granmothers legacy: their secret family recipe.But, how do you give your recipe to someone you don´t know?


During the Covid pandemic, many people started cooking like never before, chefs became the new rockstars of social media, and people can’t stop watching cooking tutorials.That is why the grandmothers gave the recipes to this influencers and to the world, with the hope that their grandchildren are on the other side of the screen watching it.


For Grandparents Day some of the most important chefs of Argentina shared Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo recipies tutorials on their social networks and TV shows. Millions of people watched their recipes and stories, and shared the feeling. And I hope among them, their grandchildren were watching too.

Torta de Ricota de la Abuela Nélida Navajas