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Mercado Libre BrandLab

The “in-house” creative agency of MercadoAds for advertisers.


I worked hand to hand with Mercado Ads to develop the Brandlab: a team inside MediaMonks that brings strategic and creative opportunities to the marketplace’s biggest brands.


The goal was to drive relevance in the shopping experience, and create a make-up and skincare educational platform inside MercadoLibre that increases sales online. We made Beaty.Click, a unique experience with new normal beauty tutorial videos from influencers with a one click option to buy all the products in the tutorial inside the e-commerce.


The BrandLab led by Pablo Tajer, has been working for some of the biggest brands in the region, Heineken, Unilever, L’Oréal, Whirlpool, P&G, etc in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.


This time, the KA Line Up comes with everything you need, but that won´t stop people from wanting more, that´s why we decided to show all the superfeatures people can imagine, in a 360 campaign with lots of “Not Included”.