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Ford Ranger

Leaving the farm and decades of traditions in Argentina.


Ford Ranger in Argentina has a solid positioning as the working pick up for farmers, but started loosing share since buyers are looking for a cool pick up for personal use, not only a strong one. We realized that this third generation of “farm owners” has changed, they don´t wake up with a rooster crow anymore, they live in the city during the week, and they love extreme sports.


We created a Manifesto clip with a new remixed version of “Everything changes”, a very traditional song from the biggest argentinian folk singer (Mercedes Sosa). In the TVC we show how new consumers break every tradition from farmers, and use the Ranger to live amazing experiences.


We use the more than 90 hours of footage from the TVC to create dozens of small content, showcasing the battle of the Ranger in different landscapes, we found a creative new way to use vertical video.


We asked the Administrator of the Facebook non-official group “Ranger Argentina Club” to welcome the new Rangers.